JD Locating Ltd. can also witness any 3rd party ground disturbance that affect your buried facilities on your behalf. From verification daylighting, to HDD or open-cut crossings, backfilling or proximity digging, we will ensure all conditions of your organizations' policies, procedures and crossing agreements are enforced and met.

One-Call Response / ManagEment 

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Ground disturbance supervision / witnessing 

private / residential locates


Building a fence, planting some trees or digging a trench? After contacting the Alberta One-Call service, there's a good chance you may still need to hire a private locator to identify/mark the short, private facilities (ie. power lines, telephone lines, etc.) that connect your residence to nearby utility systems. While it's not our primary business, we can still help! Give us a call to discuss.

Line Locating 


Overrun with time-sensitive Alberta One-Call locate requests? JD Locating can help. We can filter through your requests, contact the excavator, locate your buried facility, and provide a clearance document on your behalf.


After completing initial research on the excavation area, we utilize the latest industry recognized procedures and equipment to perform locates & blind scans for a wide variety of different projects, including but not limited to:

  •  Pipeline construction
  •  Lease and road construction
  •  Environmental reclaimation
  •  Environmental drilling / soil sampling
  •  Geotechnical drilling
  •  Rig anchors
  •  Wellhead cut & caps
  •  Sign post installations
  •  Depth of cover surveys
  •  Integrity digs / pipeline inspections

Our locators can then provide a professional, easy-to-understand electronic sketch to you, right on-site if required. We will also explain any inconsistentices between the baseline information and our findings, and/or any limitations encountered with the locate procedure. JD Locating Ltd. doesn't appear on your approved vendor list? Let us know; with our SECOR certified HSE program and memberships with ISNetworld and Complyworks,  chances are we can get added right away.